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Just Ask

At JACLO, we never say the word "no" (well, we try not to)! With broad product offerings and a great number of finish options, chances are that we have what you are looking for. But in the event that we don’t, our business model is set up so that we can help design with you - quickly, easily and more often than not, inexpensively. At JACLO, we pride ourselves on saying "if you don’t see it, just ask."

Custom Doesn't Always Mean Expensive

Do not be afraid of the word “custom.” Most people assume custom = expensive. With JACLO, there is truly custom and then there is modification. If you truly want to create a custom product from scratch, then that might be pricey (but we still recommend that you “just ask”). On the other hand, if your project requires modification, this can be handled quickly, easily and more often than not, economically. We already have all the parts, so we can configure our standard products to meet your needs with ease.

Customization & Modification Capabilities

Custom Shower Arms
  • Length, angle, finish and more can be customized to your specifications.
  • Ideal for odd-shaped spaces, specific installation issues, etc.
  • No minimum quantity.

  • Custom engraving can be applied to a back plate to indicate temperature degrees, levels or direction.
  • Make it personal- engrave a product with whatever you choose.
  • Contact JACLO for minimum quantity.

Custom Finishes
  • Contact JACLO to discuss the specifics and pricing of your custom finish.

Sizing & Bending
  • From grab bars to toilet paper holders to exposed piping and more, many of our products can be easily tailored to meet your needs.

Mix and Match
  • We have the ability to mix and match different finishes and parts to achieve the desired effect.

Custom Product:
  • Interested in designing a completely new product from scratch for a larger project? Contact JACLO’s design team at