We don't believe in daily routines; we believe in authentically crafted rituals. We are resourceful, tenacious, passionate, and committed to creating little moments of delight for our customers throughout their days.

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Over a Century of Experience

Family-owned and operated, JACLO is built on five generations of industry experience. Not many companies can say that they’ve been in the industry for over 100 years, but we can. Call us old-fashioned, stubborn, or unwilling to change, but we remain committed to the same principles our family was committed to in 1901 – make great products, provide great service, and deliver great value. For us, age isn’t just a number, it’s our heritage.


Over the years, our company has grown and evolved, but an authentic commitment to customer satisfaction endures. We have invested in research, innovation, and design to ensure that we are continually at the forefront of giving the people what they want. You bring a vision, we bring expertise.

A message from our fearless leader, Larry (He’s our CEO.)

So what’s important to me? My family, my staff, my customers, making great products, honesty, and integrity…the occasional cheddar cheeseburger. And please don’t ask me to put them in any rank order. I grew up in an era when you bought a product with the belief that it wouldn’t end up in a landfill five years later. Call me naïve, but I still believe that; in fact, I believe that a product should last five times that long. That’s my definition of sustainability. And that belief runs deep throughout JACLO. Regardless of position or rank, every single member of the JACLO team cares deeply about what we are creating. I also believe in the beauty of design. Having a deep-rooted passion for art, I can’t help but see decorative plumbing as an art form. Every day, I challenge my team to create products inspired by design and driven by engineering excellence – to create beauty that lasts.


Because we care.
Because we’re an American company.
Because we have 100 years of heritage and experience built into each of our products.
Because we go above and beyond for our customers.
Because we never say no (well, we at least try not to).
Because we can customize or modify most anything to make your vision a reality.
Because we stand behind our products.
Because we can provide every product in your bathroom - from the faucet to the showerhead to under-the-sink decorative accessories. You name it and we have it.
Because we offer a wide variety of finishes.
Because we know what we are talking about.
Because we have confidence from start to finish.